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Vogue Hair Salon Parties
Basic Package Includes
  -  Hairstyles for every child
  -  Decorative piece in hair to match party theme
  -  Nails painted
  -  Games, music and fun
  -  You supply cake, paper goods, etc

Deluxe Package Includes
  -  Basic Package plus
  -  We will provide goody bags for each child
Superior Package Includes
  -  Deluxe Package plus
  -  Pizza, drinks, party cupcakes, and party goods for the kids
  -  Complimentary coffee for the adults

Additional Information
  -  Option:  extra pizza and/or cupcakes can be added for adults (additional fee applies)
  -  Book your party today - Call or "Request Information" for prices and more details
  -  Parties at the salon offered on Sundays and Mondays ONLY - 2 hour time slots
  -  Non-refundable deposit required to secure your date.
  -  Host child's parent(s) must remain for entire party.  Other parents may stay if they choose.
**NEW** Tween Glamour Party
  -  Full make-up application
  -  Hairstyling
  -  Full manicure
  -  Additional options (i.e. pizza, goody bags, etc.) available

**NEW** Tween Spa Party
  -  Facial
  -  Shampoo and deep conditioning treatment
  -  Full manicure
  -  Additional options (i.e. pizza, goody bags, etc.) available